Web design is divided into various phases as you will see below, but in general it can take up to 3 weeks to provide a finished product. 

In the very first week after the consultation meeting we will provide sketches of design ideas to see how you react on them, and based on your criticism or feedback we work on second renditions. 

web design Samples



    First step is to understand the design requirements and produce a beautiful yet organic pencil sketch. This sketch will be more like a mind map, wireframe, or a static prototype. After you give us a green light we move to next step.

    render & finalize

    In the second step we work on colours, flat theme or skeuomorphic design. After showing your various colour samples, and their significance we render the final designs in Photoshop or Illustrator whichever one you feel comfortable with. 


    Is current design of the site is bad,
    You may be loosing customers. 

    For SEO and good marketing campaigns it is essential to have the website running the most up to date design, be it a theme or a custom pallet.
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