What to expect?

1. Book a time and date with one of the Encomplus Solutions specialist.

2. On phone be ready to be as fun and casual as possible
(unfortunately we are humans and no robots this side :) )

3. The specialist will listen to all your cool and awesome ideas, and take notes while you explain.

4. Based on his notes, he or she will give you their opinions, what they think about the awesome business idea etc.

5. Then they will provide you with a preliminary flow plan - in which you can expect to know what are the feasible options, how much or how less it may cost to build something like it and how you we improve it.

6. After the consultation you will receive a written proposal as well, explaining everything more in detail.

People     Encom+ solutions

  • Our designers and developers work crazy hard to ensure each and every technical aspect of the new age is implemented. I on the other hand helps in all things Finance. If you are worried about taxes, finances, funding or just want to learn how to manage assets and income don't hesitate just book in an appointment.

    Ankit Panwar
    Developer | BUSINESS ADVISOR
  • Encomplus Solutions takes your business to the industry standards and above. If you are serious about making your dreams into reality, you need someone who is able to see those visions and dreams with you and understands them. Well we do, not only we understand but our experience allows us to implement those visions.

    Sandeep Kashyap
    Android Developer
  • Its been wonderful to be a part of the company . I can list as - Great Work Culture , you are in charge of what you are doing and feel appreciated - Feels awesome to work with a talented team - You get ample opportunity to enhance your skills as you work.

    Pierre Van't Slot
  • I think most of IT company need quantity work, but in this company always need quality work and it’s can help for growth and learn.Everything flows from top whether bad or good. The CEO is highly Motivated which brings lot of positive energy in the team.Great Work culture, Best of talented colleagues, Flexible working hours, team training meeting out of city, trip, cricket tournament .

    Shubhangni Goyl
    Business Development Associate

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We will call you or you can call us via Skype, Phone, Facetime, Whatsapp whatever you are comfortable with.
This is where all the magic to happen will begin in other words it is is the start to a great finish.
After the awesome chat, we will send you a written proposal with all the amazing ideas put down in a nice looking PDF file. Print it or iPad it, thats your call.


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