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At Encomplus Solutions, we understand that all businesses are in different stages of development - that’s why we tailor all our services to the pertinent needs of your business; no one size fits all solutions here.


A Business Sage at Every Stage

We Provide High End exclusive Custom Design & Development Services


Encomplus Solutions is not just any web or digital agency, we started as a small team and we believe only in results. Before even getting started with any project we do a one-on-one Skype meeting with you to fully understand your business goals and model. Based on our observation, experience and little bit magic we will propose an amazing solution to your problem.
We believe without consultation it is not fair for our clients as they might not be aware of the latest available resources out there, that can benefit the business.

wire frames + development

After the consultation process we prepare Prototypes, Wireframes, and hand drawn sketches ! yes we still draw by hands regardless of how modern the world has become. These mockups will allow you to visualize what the project will look like once it is completed.The wire framing is followed by Development, where all the magic happens. You give a green light to the designs and our expert coders put it all in binary and computer language ready for you to test on the delivery date.

strategic planning

Once the project is completed it is important to look back and fix all the bugs, not only that but this is the stage where we plan how we can take the project to next level. What new improvements, additions or subtractions we can do, to make it more streamline.
At this stage we also look at various marketing, promoting and advertising aspects.


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Industry pricing

Although we make custom projects which means custom pricing, below is a rough idea about industry standards on a competitive basis. 


Informative Site

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  • Informative website
  • Basic Contact page with call actions
  • Basic support
  • FREE consultation

E-Commerce Basic

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  • Unlimited Products
  • Fully Secure Online Store
  • 3 Months round the clock support
  • FREE Consultation

Custom Projects

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  • Unlimited staff support
  • Fully Secure online backup
  • One Year round the clock support
  • FREE complimentary consultant
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Services we offer

Some of our most popular and highly catered services

Web Design and Development
Made to Order

We take all your burdens, just tell us your requirements and leave the rest to awesome team of highly skilled individuals.
We prepare designs, and mockups to show you what it will be like when the final project is live.

Logo sketch and design
Custom Designed and Conceptualized

Logo is one of the most crucial aspect of any business. Just like the saying First Impression is the Last Impression, applies to your Logo. It is your Brand your Business Model and Life goals summed into a tiny little Art work.

Mobile Application Android + IOS
An Application To Boost Up Your Business

Your business doesn't just run on a desktop, in an office, on weekdays, from 9-5. Your business is a 24/7
operation and it needs to be treated as such. Mobile applications allow you to operate with this mentality.

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